Compost-A-Pak - Kitchen Caddy 7ltr 100% post consumer plastic

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This Kitchen Caddy is manufactured from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content in Melbourne, Australia. Removing the jargon, this means that the units are manufactured from recyclable items commonly collected, such as Milk Containers and Food Packaging (Polypropylene) or Cling Wrap and Plastic Bags (Low-Density Polypropylene). The Kitchen Caddy is a convenient unit, designed specifically to capture, store and transport food waste, so it can be composted.

The 7 Litre capacity is the perfect size to collect your food scraps during food preparation or for scraping plates after eating. The base is dishwasher safe, with a smooth interior which is easy to wipe clean. The lids feature instructions about recycling food waste, and there is a sturdy single handle, which forms a basic locking mechanism, as well as making it really easy to carry your food waste to your home compost unit, or the council green collection bin. Did I mention the base was dishwasher safe?