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Concrete Bar chair

Concrete Bar chair

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PostPrime Plastic (TM) is made from our own Patent Pending process.  It is recycled material, 100% Australian made and has 100% tracking from origin to final use.

Is a world first polymer using Dulux Powder Coating waste.

This product is a 50/65mm Bar Chair product used for concrete construction. This product is a GECA accredited product. We manufacture at our factory in Robe, South Australia.

Advantages -

  • Provides all ESG credentials; Fact Sheet and full provenance tracking.
  • Less Carbon Emissions and energy usage than virgin materials.
  • Quick to install with moulded seating preventing any unwanted movement
  • Capable of supporting laser screed machines such as or similar to S-485 Laser screed.
  • Full product traceability from start of life to end.
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining (pre concrete placement).
  • Able to be recycled once its life in the concrete element is complete.
  • High ultimate strength meeting durability requirements of AS2425: 2015 for application in structural reinforced concrete (200kg).
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