Plastic Recycling

The plastic recycling technology and machines has been developed by Dave Hakkens with his open source Precious Plastics project.   Dave is from the Netherlands and is an inspiration to tens of thousands (and growing) people who are being converted from people concerned about plastic pollution to people recycling plastic themselves.   The Precious Plastics project has its own community and devotees and our workshop is just another cog in this international movement.

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The workshop can recycle the 7 types of thermoplastics that are currently in the marketplace.  The advantage with the small craft size workshop is that it can take virtually all plastic types and do something with it.   The large commercial recyclers tend to only take PET, HDPE and some LDPE as they are easier to process and are commercially viable.   This means that the other types of plastics are simply going into landfill.   A revolution of these smaller local recycling plants will not only fill this gap but also accelerate the tipping point when plastic becomes a valuable resource worth recycling from an economic as well as environmental perspective.

Types Of Plastics

Types of plastics