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Pellets - Recycled HDPE or Post Prime Plastic

Pellets - Recycled HDPE or Post Prime Plastic

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Pellets - Recycled HDPE or Recycled Post Prime Plastic 

This palletized HDPE has UV Stabilizer added there are 2 variants -

1) -  for compression moulding (below 0.5 MFI)

2) - for injection moulding (above 10 MFI)

Available in vibrant colours including a natural if you want to add your own colour.  This material is all sourced in Australia.  If you are a member of the Australian Micro Recyclers Association then you can purchased this material at a reduced member only rate

Sold in 5kg bags for all other volumes please order direct via email :

Initially we will be manufacturing larger volumes to order, so delivery may take 2 - 3 weeks.

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