Our Story

Brad and Narelle ScottBrad Scott comes from rural Queensland.   He met Narelle on the school bus.   That was in 1985 and the two have been a formidable team ever since.   Brad had already been a Captain in the Australian Regular Army and an Operations Manager on the Australian Waterfront and Narelle had created two beautiful children when the couple decided to start Transmutation Pty Ltd.

Transmutation Pty Ltd was established in 2001 as a provider of transport and project management  services to large logistic companies.  From the very beginning the new company set out to be an innovator.

In 2002 Transmutation introduced the first Super B-Double vehicle into Queensland commencing operations at the Port of Brisbane.

The tiny independent operator beat the large corporate transport companies to the punchline.

They have been nimble, innovative and disruptors ever since.

Brad designed the first set of production line quarantine stands to be used in the Port of Brisbane increasing productivity in the Giant African Snail inspections from 20 containers per inspector per/hr to 100 containers per inspector per/hr.

Narelle ran the transport company from home while  Brad was flying all over the country providing consultancy and project management services for companies like Patrick and Toll.   Narelle started painting and became a member of the Old School House Gallery in Brisbane.   She has since also introduced photography as a way to portray the natural environment in its most inspirational light.

By 2015 the children had set off on on their own journeys of discovery so Narelle and Brad decided to sell the family home and travel full time around the country.   To allow this lifestyle to be sustainable, in 2016 the company changed direction to provide Relief Management services to Motels, Hotels and Tourist Parks around Australia.  

After two years on the road the company is now transmuting again by stopping in the seaside township of Robe on the Limestone Coast in South Australia.  The plan is to now take all the knowledge and experience in business, all the passion for the environment, all the travel experiences and the degree in Chemistry and put it into doing something that actively helps the community, environment and the soul.