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Put a lid on it

Bowl - large round - Put a lid on it - Recycled plastic

Bowl - large round - Put a lid on it - Recycled plastic

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Bowl - Large round - Put a lid on it - Recycled plastic

These stylish, funky and functional bowls are made in Sydney, Australia from 100% recycled plastic. In fact each bowl made prevents 550gm of waste plastic going into landfill.

Great for taking meals to friends, prepping for parties, packing away leftovers or hosting at your place. Plus, the lid doubles as a platter.

Food safe, BPA - free, fridge friendly and hand wash only.

Leak proof lid that seals the bowl’s contents & doubles as a platter.

Size: 34 x 34 x 8cm

Our unique marbled effect means no two pieces look exactly the same. 

Artisan, each piece is beautifully unique100% recycled plastic, made in Australia and when you’re finished with your servingware, it can be recycled again. Send to PO Box 1252, Double Bay NSW 1360 and we’ll make sure it gets made into something new.

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