Lazy Susan - Terrazzo

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Lazy Susan Terrazzo

Thank you for your interest in our Lazy Susan. 
Due to high demand and the fact that each Lazy Susan is handmade please allow approximately 3 to 4 weeks for us to make and deliver your order (in high demand tourist periods this may be longer).

We like to use all our Breadtags therefore the Terrazzo range was born.  These great looking products are the third time this plastic is used and has been upcycled into a Lazy Susan.

Made from the granulated bread tags offcuts from our Breadtag Bowls & Boards and disposable (polystyrene) coffee cup lids. Sometimes we include CD case and coat hangers if available. 
All these items are PS6 - Polystyrene.

Size - 32cm diameter and thickness varies between 20mm to 30mm. 
Colours variants will vary depending on material available.