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Lazy Susan - Terrazzo

Lazy Susan - Terrazzo

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Lazy Susan Terrazzo.

Remade in Robe by Transmutation - reduce, reuse & recycle.

We like to use all our Breadtags therefore the Terrazzo range was born.  These great looking products are the third time this plastic is used and has been upcycled into a Lazy Susan.

Made from the granulated bread tags offcuts from our Breadtag Bowls & Boards and disposable (polystyrene) coffee cup lids. Sometimes we include CD case and coat hangers if available. 
All these items are PS6 - Polystyrene.

All Lazy Susan’s are handmade in Robe, South Australia.

Size - 32cm diameter and thickness varies between 20mm to 30mm. 
Colours variants will vary depending on materials and particle sizes available, making each one unique.



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