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Recycled Mats

Mats Yoga - Hemp & Eco Rubber

Mats Yoga - Hemp & Eco Rubber

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HEMP YOGA MATS are best suited for yoga, pilates and meditation sessions in a non-hot yoga environment.

Hemp's natural properties kill bacteria plus have anti-mould qualities.

It is also much better for the environment than many other materials. A quality that most yogis appreciate.

Free from heavy metals, phthalates, dioxins and phenol, the rubber used in the mat is not only eco-friendly but a wise choice for those with allergies and sensitivities. Combined with highly renewable hemp - which boasts both anti-bacterial and mould resistant properties - these yoga mats are not only practical but a beautiful addition to your workout space, echoing the calming blue hues of the ocean. Unlike other synthetic rubber or foam, it's hard-wearing and won't retain moisture.

These Yoga Mats can also be composted after their life with you is complete. Simply chop them up to help the break-down process and mix them in with other long-term, slow composting materials. Or put your mat down whole in the garden bed as a weed deterrent as they will take some time to break down when not cut up.

Whether you're practising outdoors or indoors, these earth-loving yoga mats will complement your every move. This mat is a versatile Approx 60cm x 1.83m long and 5mm thick for cushioning and comfort. Boost your yoga practice with this all-natural and washable mat.

Each mat comes with a FREE carry strap for your convenience. 


Clean mat by mixing 1 cup water with 1 tbsp white vinegar and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Dampen cloth or lightly spray this mix over mat and wipe dry. When your mat reaches the end of its lifespan, chop it up into small bits and allow it to biodegrade in your compost bin.

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