Yoga Mats - Hemp & Eco Rubber

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HEMP YOGA MATS are best suited for yoga, pilates and meditation sessions in a non-hot yoga environment.

Hemp's natural properties kill bacteria plus have anti-mould qualities.

It is also much better for the environment than many other materials. A quality that most yogis appreciate.

Naturally sourced, the rubber used in our mats contains no silicone, toxic glue, phthalates or PVC and unlike other synthetic rubber or foam, it's hard-wearing and won't retain moisture.

Our Yoga Mats can also be composted after their life with you is complete. Simply chop them up to help the break-down process and mix them in with other long-term, slow composting materials. Or put your mat down whole in the garden bed as a weed deterrent as they will take some time to break down when not cut up.

Whether you're practising outdoors or indoors, our earth-loving yoga mats will complement your every move. This mat is a versatile Approx 60cm x 1.83m long and 5mm thick for cushioning and comfort. Boost your yoga practice with this all-natural and washable mat.

Each mat comes with a FREE carry strap for your convenience.