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Recycled Mats

Yoga - Blocks - Recycled Flip Flops (shoes)

Yoga - Blocks - Recycled Flip Flops (shoes)

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Yoga - Blocks - Recycled Flip Flops (thongs)

Made from recycled flip-flops, they're great for standing poses (especially when one hand is on the floor) and also suitable to sit on during forward folds and stretches. They provide you with strong support allowing your body to lean either vertically or horizontally onto it.

During a yoga practice, yoga blocks are often used as an extension of the arms but can also support the back, head, and hips to help the body settle more deeply into a pose. They support a range of motion and reduce the distance between you and the floor.

The recycled flip-flops (or thongs) that Ocean Sole uses to produce these blocks are collected from the beaches, waterways, and landfills in Kenya. They're hand-carved by Kenyan artisans and all unique in colour with each block made from 21 individual thongs.

Ocean Sole is a non-profit organisation that removes trash from the oceans, waterways and coastlines. They produce products to support marine conservation, whilst creating employment opportunities in high-impact areas. By doing so, they strive to raise greater awareness of the debris problem in our oceans. 

Each block begins as a pair of flip-flops on someone's feet, and after being discarded, they usually end up in the ocean. Once washed ashore, they are collected, cleaned, compressed, carved and revived into yoga blocks. Through this process, oceans are cleaned, jobs are provided, and we get to enjoy something practical and unique.

Size - 22 x 13 x 8cm

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