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Twists n Tines

Wall Hanger - Hat & Coat Rack - Reclaimed Timber and Cutlery

Wall Hanger - Hat & Coat Rack - Reclaimed Timber and Cutlery

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Beautifully crafted Hat & Coat Rack - Wall Mounted - Reclaimed Timber and Cutlery.

Made locally on the Limestone Coast by Twist n Tine from reclaimed timber & Cutlery. 
A gorgeous statement piece for any home.

Style 2: Red Gum 4 spoons, Length  43cm

Style 5: Red Gum 1 sugar spoon, 2 tea spoon, 2 cake forks, Length 60cm

Style 7: Mulga 2 cake Forks, 2 tea Spoons, Length 36cm

The size is approximate and the depth measurement is at the thickest part of the timber, all forks and spoons hang below the depth measurement.

There are no pre-drill holes as mounting to the wall is a personal thing. There are plenty of adhesives on the market that can also be removed easily, even if you live in a rental.


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