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Ray Cottee

Pen - Bread tag - Ball point

Pen - Bread tag - Ball point

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These absolute unique pens are made from twice recycled breadtags. The breadtags that are collected by Aussie Breadtags for Wheelchairs are made into the Serving Board (the first time recycled).  The overflowing breadtags from that process is then collected and sent to our partner maker, Mr Ray Cottee.  He then fashions these beautiful pens on his lathe (second time recycled).  We then get all offcuts and granulate these for other products.

You can not get quality (Parker refills), handmade pens made from recycled breadtags from anywhere else in the world ♻️🇦🇺

Each pen is unique and may vary slightly in colour/style from the picture.

Presented in an eco friendly gift box



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