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Door Knobs - Recycled Plastic

Door Knobs - Recycled Plastic

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Door knobs made from plastic waste

For some time Australia’s answer to recycling was to send our waste overseas to be processed. Unfortunately only 9% worldwide of all plastic products actually gets recycled or upcycled and kept out of landfill. Therefore we know that it very well could be our Australian waste that is contributing to the landfill and polluting issues in other countries. 

Here at Transmutation we wanted to help our Asian neighbours in a positive way. We have collaborated with Loop2Cycle, who are a member of the Precious Plastic community. We sent our door knob mould to Malaysia where it is being used by a refugee family from Pakistan who are manufacturing these wonderful door knobs from the plastic waste that is currently clogging up the Klang River.  So now we are exporting our expertise to assist plastic recycling around the world 👍

There is an assortment of plastic therefore each knob may vary in colour and we do not add any colour additives.

Diameter = 55 mm

Height = 40 mm

Please note- For fixture they are designed to either bolt together or screw in, please choose carefully the type you need for your requirements.

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