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Einstein's Hat - One shape puzzle - Recycled plastic

Einstein's Hat - One shape puzzle - Recycled plastic

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Einstein's Hat - One shape puzzle - Recycled plastic

Designed and made in Perth

The "Einstein" Hat shape is the world's first aperiodic monotile. This 13-sided shape fits onto itself to create a pattern that never repeats.

Creating a shape with this characteristic has puzzled mathematicians for over 60 years, with many people left wondering if it was even possible? In early 2023, British mathematician, David Smith and his team cracked the code and gave The Hat to the world!

...and we turned it into a recycled plastic puzzle for you to enjoy.

This one shape, in itself, is a puzzling. There's no rules... Put is together... Stack it... Tile a surface with it... Play with it... discover it for yourself.

Each set include 12 tiles hand crafted in Type 2 HDPE recycled plastic. Each set is


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