Key-rings - Recycled bottle lids - Zero.plastic.Australia

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Key-rings - Recycled bottle lids - Zero.plastic.Australia

If you have of heard people collecting plastic lids for the charity ‘Lids 4 Kids’ and wondered what they did with those lids, well here is one answer.

At Zero.plastics.Australia in Ballarat (Vic) Adz and Ash are busy creating these handmade key-rings by recycling plastic lids in their micro factory using machines they have built themselves. 

These key-rings are made by recycling 4 plastic lids (Approx). They are significant because by recycling these 4 plastic lids it keeps them out of our landfill and our oceans.

This is really important because we know a turtle has to only eat 4 plastic lids and then the contents of its’ stomach will not allow it to dive under water to forage for food, now the turtle can only float.
Ultimately the turtle starves to death. 
By purchasing a key-ring you are keeping plastic lids in the circular economy and out of our landfill, Oceans and wildlife.

Key-ring choices-Cat - (Large/small) - Wombat - Dog - Octopus - Shark - dinosaur (TRex) - Dinosaur - Kangaroo - Dolphin or Echidna. Truck.

Various colours available but each handmade key-ring is unique.

Beautifully presented on a wooden backing card that is also handmade using veneer timber that was destined for landfill after one use.