We have now come out of hibernation from our Covid-19 lockdown.  The shop has been revamped and we will also be launching our new product, Breadtag Serving Boards.  The serving boards are made from 5500 breadtags, each one is unique and makes the perfect practical talking point at your next gathering of less than 10 people 😉
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I have just been online and notice that all your wonderful bread tag products are sold out. Understandable after people obviously discovering you on the recent TV show!
Can you tell me when you expect to have supplies again.
Thank you!
Best regards
Ann Johnston

Ann Johnston

Please let me know how to donate the bread tags
Love your work☀️


Hi. Have been hoping to get back to Robe for months and thought there was a window of opportunity prior to this latest lockdow here in Vic. Just wanted to know if you process milk bottle caps as well as bread tags. I dont have huge number but could let our local CWA know that you are up and running again.

Patricia Bideleux

I went to Robe and checked out this wonderful shop. I now have a new bread board and was very impressed with this recycling incentive. Keep up the great work helping to make a better future for us all. Save your bread tags!

Michelle Roshier



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