We have now come out of hibernation from our Covid-19 lockdown.  The shop has been revamped and we will also be launching our new product, Breadtag Serving Boards.  The serving boards are made from 5500 breadtags, each one is unique and makes the perfect practical talking point at your next gathering of less than 10 people 😉
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Hi Coopers
Congratulations on your success so far and here’s hoping once people start getting out and about again that you will have lots o customers. I had looked at Precious Plastics quite a while ago and had thought they had some excellent ideas. I’m recycling soft plastcis through RedCycle but not confident they end up where they say they go. Do you take donations of breadtages still.—Ive got a small collection so far that I didnt know where to send , but will start up again gathering them.

Jean C

Are you accepting private donations of bread tags, our family have been collecting them in Mt Gambier.

Geoff Shaw

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