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Recycled Wooden Creations

Ornaments - Upcycled bits and bobs

Ornaments - Upcycled bits and bobs

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Ornaments - Upcycled bits and bobs. 

We use objects in our lives to perform tasks and when they are no longer required for these tasks or are broken they are often discarded.

Peter looks at these discarded items in a totally different way and collects them to repurpose and give them a totally new life.  All his designs are quirky, unique and very clever.

If you're looking for a gift that helps the environment and tells a story of a life previously lived then you need to check these out. 

Guaranteed you cannot look at these without smiling.

Fobot – Found Object Robot.  Created  from found objects.  Joined together with rivets, glue and screws, each Fobot is unique and has a distinct personality.   

Wooden Figurines – Blockies.  Created from wooden blocks and joined together with other parts to create unique figure.


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