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Bowl - Styrobowl Classic x 2

Bowl - Styrobowl Classic x 2

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Remade in Robe by Transmutation - reduce, reuse & recycle

Our new and improved product line is made from 100% recycled Polystyrene, with the majority of the material being post consumer Styrofoam.

They are designed to have an elegant look and feeling of gravitas. In fact you may find yourself wanting to pickup and run your hands around each bowl as they evoke a curiosity as to their origin.  You won’t believe it used to be Styrofoam.

We have packaged 2 x classic bowls in a gift box so you can read their recycled origin story, making them an ideal gift for anyone concerned with the world wide plastic pollution problem.

They are so versatile the classic bowl can be used on any table, whether at home or whilst camping or caravanning.


- Food safe and tested to meet the European and US Standards.
- Dishwasher safe. 
- Each bowl measures approximately 19cm diameter x 6cm deep.

Black coloured bowls, sold in Dual packs - sets of 2 bowls per gift box

                                          or sold in Quad packs - set of 4 bowls.


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