The Journey

The Journey

We travelled around Australia on a full time basis for 18 months with no plan except to do a bit of work and see some country.  We travelled to Yaraka in Outback Queensland and made lifelong friends with the pub owners, Chris and Gerry.  We did some work in the high country of Victoria at Cooryong and left with Marty and Jackie as friends.  We spent time in Ceduna in South Australia and left with Trevor and Lynette as friends.   It is not just the great variety of this country that you experience when you travel but the people that you meet.  We passed through the town of Robe in South Australia in May 2018.  We were only there 4 days and we met some people.   We liked the town, the people and especially the scenery.   When we decided to come off the road in September 2018 we could have gone to anywhere in Australia.   We chose Robe...

When we bought the property it needed some work before it would become what I had envisaged as my Recycling Workshop and Retail outlet.   The drone shots show what happened over the months from September to December.  The inside was a whole different level.


So now we are open and are selling fantastic products all made from recycled materials, have been repurposed or dramatically reduce landfill.   Time to take a deep breath...

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Found Transmutation purely by accident and we were so glad we did. Recycling and waste reduction are areas I feel very strongly about but was so pleased to find a couple who are doing something about it by educating recycling , reusing and making some fabulous products. . Congratulations. Check out their website or better still visit.

Kym Gartside

BREADTAGSFORWHEELCHAIRS in South Africa is also passionate about recycling.Your enterprise is FANTASTIC !!!
We run a charity in South Africa ……….we are very excited to think that you will beable to join forces with AUSSIEBREADTAGS.
Wishing you everything of the BEST in 2019!

Mary Honeybun

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