Precious Plastic - Create Things From Plastic

Precious Plastic - Create Things From Plastic


How to set up your own little plastic factory.

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


I have just ordered a bowl from you and will be using it as a display item in my daughter’s business Urban Upcycle here in the Geelong area. We collect all types of clean waste products that would normally go to land fill, to be used in crafting. We then take these bits and pieces to schools, kindergartens and day care centres enabling kids to make articles from this “stuff” that would be dumped. Explaining to the children that things can be repurposed.
But the main reason I am contacting you is to just check and make sure that this bowl was made here in Australia by yourselves. I gave looked at your website and looked at a couple of your videos, so interesting. Should be so much more of your type of stuff happening. Keep up your good work!

LeeAllan Urbanski

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