Meet the Couple Making Recycling Plastic Profitable

Meet the Couple Making Recycling Plastic Profitable

Plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic.

We love this synthetically made byproduct of crude oil and natural gas to death, and because we know that it never breaks down and never ever goes away, we just keep producing new virgin plastic nurdles which is now wreaking havoc on our natural world.

Why don't we just recycle it? Brad and Narelle Scott of Transmutation in Regional South Australia are trying to change the narrative. They're making waste great again and they're working with big dog Brands like Country Road and Dulux.

But before we get into how they built this impressive client list let's start at the start of the Transmutation journey.

Check out this video below where Cam from We Are Explorers meets the couple that are making recycling plastic profitable.

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Video shot, hosted and edited by Cameron Doyle.
Produced by Jack Brookes.
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