Super B-Doubles on trial on Fishermans Island

Super B-Doubles on trial on Fishermans Island

Super B-Double truck trials commenced on Fisherman Islands in late May. The trucks are being used to transport containers between the container terminals, the Brisbane Multimodal Terminal (BMT) and the container parks.

While existing vehicle combinations can only carry between one and three 20-foot containers (depending on weight) or one 40-foot container, the 30-metre-long Super B-Doubles can carry up to four 20-foot containers or two 40-foot containers.

The efficiencies to be gained in using the Super B-Doubles include cost and time savings with the extra capacity resulting in fewer trucks, and, from an environmental perspective, fewer trucks means reduced emissions.

For the initial period of the trial, the Super B-Doubles will be restricted to four roads on Fisherman Islands. Four Super B­ Doubles will be taking part in the trial. The BMT's contract truckers,

K&S Freighters, will operate three, and independent contractor, Transmutation Pty Ltd, owns the other.

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