Mat - Recycled Placemat Waterhole Dreaming

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An authentic Indigenous design by Aboriginal artist, Dean Jakamara Briscoe. 

"This painting represents all the water holes around Australia, it shows that there are many and in different sizes. The large water holes are obviously seen and if they are not dangerous you can swim in them and some are well hidden throughout the land, Aboriginal people over the years have discovered the water holes that were created and have used boulders of rocks/sticks etc to protect them and keep animals from polluting the water. The important cultural traditions and locations of the water holes were taught to the younger generations in order to survive on the land and respect it, so when the people go hunting they would know where and how to find water. Below shows the round symbols as the water holes and the coloured dots represent the Aboriginal flag and the land formations. " Dean Jakamara Briscoe

Our eco-friendly rubber mats double as either placemats or mousepads.

Printed in South Australia on recycled car tyres and PET bottles, these incredibly vibrant and durable mats add colour and culture to any office, dining table, art station or caravan. 

They are non-slip and sealed to protect against water and spillages, making them easy to wipe down and clean. 

Price is for 1 placemat.