Mat - Aboriginal Design Recycled - Ancestral Connectedness

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2.4m circle

This mandala design floor mat by artist  Ifyrefini Duley comes in vibrant violet and white and brings a spiritual, multicultural vibe to your life.

Ify is guided by her Malay, Balinese and Melanesian roots to use her art to promote conversation about how we, as humans, find our place in the universe.

Ancestral Connectedness mat is made from 95% recycled plastics but it is hard-wearing, easy to clean, lightweight to carry, and easy to store.

The Mandala design is a homage to Sacred geometry, a reminder that we are all “cosmic diagrams of limitless potential”.

Ancestral Connectedness is the ideal plastic mat for personal meditation in a tranquil space in your home. It's equally well placed as a centre of balance in a classroom or anywhere in the community where people might need the support of something to focus on to help them breathe through anxiety. Mandalas can be a tool for reconnecting with oneself and increasing self-awareness. They are often used in adult colouring books for mindfulness exercises. Why not extend this to the classroom, encouraging children to reflect on the shapes or trace the lines as they focus their energies?

According to the artist, the violet and white colour combination evokes balance, creativity, dignity, independence, individualism, justice, luxury, magic, meditation, truth and wisdom too.

Ancestral Connectedness is popular as a camping mat, a mat for blessingways or gratitude circles, and instagram fans love it as a pretty backdrop for their beach selfies. The circular design makes it ideal as a central meeting space or for sharing food, whilst the innovative plastic material means sand and dust brush away with ease. Add a handy portable picnic table to your beach pack to enjoy dining under the sun or the stars. 

Be inspired by the Mandala mat today.