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Recycled Mats

Mat - Recycled Mat - Meeting Place

Mat - Recycled Mat - Meeting Place

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Mat - Recycled Mat - Meeting Place 2.7m x 1.8m

'Meeting Place' is also the perfect camping companion.

Eyecatching in earthy brown and white, 'Meeting Place' was designed by Dean Jakamara Briscoe, an Australian Indigenous artist from the Anmatyerre, Central Desert region. The symbolism of 'Meeting Place' is people sitting around a central campfire, gathering to discuss the day’s business. The meeting place is significant for many reasons. It's a place for conversation and a place to build relationships and community too. In the modern world, this mat can also be used to invite discussion about many topics, including culture, family life and Indigenous symbols in art.

Popular in schools and early learning centres as a group time mat, you can use this comfy setting for reading and story times, or as a play mat. It's lightweight and super easy to transport, so can easily be moved from inside to outside for a picnic lunchtime under the shade of a tree. Like all our outdoor mats, it is made from recycled plastics, meaning it is naturally waterproof and therefore easy to care for and keep clean and hygienic. 


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