Compostapak - Shopping Bag

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A full carton of fabulous, Compost-A-Pak® Shopping Bags.

These bags are designed to be re-used, and so offer the same convenience as other reusable plastic bags with two major differences. They are not manufactured using finite and dangerous fossil fuels, and don’t remain in the environment for thousands of years.

Compost-A-Pak®  Liners are instead manufactured using a seasonally renewable crop. We source third grade corn, a non-eating grade not suitable for human or animal consumption. Our bags are then manufactured on machinery re-engineered to minimise electricity  consumption.

After use, when your bags are finally ready to throw out, only after multiple washes in the machine, you can throw Compost-A-Pak® bags out with your food scraps. Australian Certified compostable, our bags will completely disappear within a few weeks in commercial composting facilities, and so the nutrients can be reused as compost in organic farming or community gardens.

After all, the Earth is in our hands!

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