Compostapak - Coffee Knock Tube Liner

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The Compost-A-Pak® Coffee Knock Tube Liners are a sustainable alternative, which allow you to conveniently collect precious coffee grounds, which can be used to add nutrients to soil. Derived from spoilt corn, they are Australian Certified compostable.

Compost-A-Pak® Coffee Knock Tube liners are consistently high quality, manufactured to a minimum 81um. Scientifically tested, this minimum standard ensures you can be confident that you have the quality required to collect and transport moist organic coffee waste, with minimum breakages and tears.

These liners are certified to the stricter Australian standards for both commercial composting and home composting facilities, as well as the relevant European, American and Japanese standards. As such you will be confident there will be no harmful residue as the liners break down. The liners are also certified for use in organic farm product, food contact and in animal feed, and can be also used in worm farms.

Designed specifically to suit coffee knock tube waste, Compost-A-Pak® Coffee Knock Tube Liners can significantly improve waste diversion in café and kitchen environments. With over 50% of Australian café waste being organic, diverting this waste from landfill can have a significantly positive environmental benefits.