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Book - Aqua-Clare’s Ocean Adventures

Book - Aqua-Clare’s Ocean Adventures

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Aqua-Clare’s Ocean Adventures
By Elizabeth Solich 

Plastic straws, bottles and cans…what to do with all this stuff from the land? So how do you tackle the problem of rubbish in the Ocean? You do it with your friends of course! The world's growing plastic problem is a huge and daunting subject as well as the task to bring about change. So how do we inspire our children and bring awareness to this subject?
With the aid of her friend Aqua-Clare, author Elizabeth Solich has found a way, by making connections with fun and interesting Ocean characters. All of which have their story to tell of the Oceans unwanted artefacts.
Elizabeth and Aqua-Clare bring a message that is simple, passionate and heartfelt whilst introducing some of South Australia’s most iconic marine species, making powerful connections for the future advocates of our planet.
Who wouldn't want to help Cedric the Old Wife out and then hang around for more adventures with a sleepy Squid or Cyril the Seahorse?? Aqua-Clare helps and takes it all in her stride, as she goes on a scuba diving adventure to help her new-found friends.
Through this story and adventure, author Elizabeth Solich brings two big worlds together to deliver one simple message about just what you can do to help make a difference to the world around you and the often-unseen world of the Ocean.
Elizabeth challenges boundaries and beautifully captures a mostly unknown underwater world through her art. Utilizing an environmentally aware story, she shares her passion for the underwater world and all its weird and wonderful creations.
This is a beautiful and creative book that advocates for environmental conservation, change and preservation while striving to increase awareness amongst a young audience. And big problems are always better solved with the help of your friends.

This book is sold in support of Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs.



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