Gigi Large Coin Pouch in Vivid

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Our fun cork bags are crafted from durable and water resistant recycled cork material. Our 'Gigi Coin Pouch' is a great addition to your bag for keeping your other bits and pieces. Wide enough for storing cards, find use across multiple applications.  

  • Black velvet lining
  • Size H x 10.5cm x W 13.5cm x D 2.5cm

Super Material
Cork is not only famous in footwear and modern interior, it's also known for its durability, light weight, water resistance and versatility. Our cork fabric is made from compressed cork that is later sliced into thin sheets then are fixed and heat-pressed onto natural fabric. This allows flexibility and strength as a whole.

Tough Choice ('Vivid' or 'Classic'?)
The colourful 'Vivid' range is inspired by the famous lighting festival called 'Vivid Sydney'. The bright lights and bold colours of 'Vivid Sydney' are expressed through the sporadic and random colours marbled through the cork.