Mat - Recycled Placemat Spinifex Dreaming

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24 x 34cm

"This painting is about the Spinifex grass and how the Aboriginal people made glue/putty from extracting the resin from the grass to make and mend things. First the grass is carefully collected as the ends of it are sharp like needles and then whacked into a coolamon(food/water container) collecting just the resin to heat over a fire on a flat heating stone, while the particles gets warm a stick is then used to join and gather the resin forming it into a small handball depending how much is gathered. The hot glue like resin can be used straight away to join axe/knife blades to handles reinforcing it with kangaroo achilles sinew to just blocking a hole in a coolamon, once cooled down it becomes hard as a rock and can be taken anywhere and just needs to be heated to use again. Below shows the round symbols as the Spinifex grass and the dots as the land formation." Dean Jakamara Briscoe

Our eco-friendly rubber mats double as either placemats or mousepads.

Printed in South Australia on recycled car tyres and PET bottles, these incredibly vibrant and durable mats add colour and culture to any office, dining table, art station or caravan. 

They are non-slip and sealed to protect against water and spillages, making them easy to wipe down and clean. 

Price is for 1 placemat.