Mat - Aboriginal Design Recycled - Circle Time

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Size 3 x 3m

The overarching theme of this mat by artist Michael Gilsenan is a learning circle, representing a holistic approach to teaching and acquiring knowledge valued in many Indigenous communities.

Inner and outer circles represent different levels of understanding as we teach and learn. The wavy pattern represents the journey of learning. The dots are symbolic of people, with large dots being mentors, teachers or elders whilst the smaller dots represent those who are being taught. There's also a star, representing the importance of knowledge and self-empowerment. The solid surrounding circle links all these pieces of the journey together. Michael suggests that the image, taken as a whole, demonstrates a way of understanding the world and a focus for educators to guide their practice.  Could you find a better mat for group activities with children in childcare?

The distinctive cultural imagery ensure this mat will be a talking point in any library, university dorm, cultural centre, museum, and art gallery.

Circle Time is made from 95% recycled plastics - it's light, easy to carry, easy to fold and easy to store. Circle time mats are soft, and provide cushioning on all surfaces including concrete, grass, bark, sand and more.

Buy Circle Time mats in burgundy and white for your Scout group gatherings, picnics with school friends, sunsets by the beach and craft workshops.