Coasters - Recycled Plastic

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Locally manufactured tiles made in Robe from recycled plastic make a great drink coaster and talking point. Each coaster has our signature brand - ‘Remade in Robe’ stamped on the front.
They are made from recycled PS6 plastic - Polystyrene (e.g bread tags, CD cases or disposable coffee cup lids) or expanded polystyrene (e.g styrofoam vegetable boxes or packaging). 
In Australia this type of plastic predominantly ends up in landfill. 

Each of our coasters are bespoke and the colour of each one is a result of the process of recycling the off cuts of our Bread tag bowls & boards. These off cuts are all granulated together hence the reason they are multi coloured. We do not add any colour additive to our products.

We also stamp each coaster with PS6 (the type of plastic) so it can be easily identified and recycled again in the future.